Welcome to The SmokeScreen Podcast! This week we have a special and quite personal podcast. Being our 23rd episode we decided to talk Michael Jordan. ...View Details

So James and Chris went on a late night adventure as we stumbled upon geocaching! We went on five treasure hunts and about got arrested. Geocaching is...View Details

This week we go into the Netflix Documentary "Abducted In Plain Sight". This is a crazy (horrible) yet fascinating story where a young girl is literal...View Details

Here we discuss the new Netflix documentary “Unnatural Selection” where they cover the complicated moral questions of biohacking. Genetic engineering ...View Details

This week Chris and James are joined by Val from Because Geek as we discuss our guilty pleasures. From music to food, to weird personal routines we ha...View Details

This week we talk the tragic story of the new HBO True Crime Documentary “I Love You, Now Die”. A tragic story with twists and implications outside of...View Details

Welcome to The SmokeScreen Podcast! This week we read questions from an advice column and give real advice in an entertaining way. We cover relationsh...View Details

This week we talk false memories, or false memory syndrome. A psychological phenomenon where a person recalls something that did not happen or that so...View Details

Welcome to the SmokeScreen Podcast! This week we talk cults! How does one get pulled into a cult? Seemingly intelligent people do, so what is the psyc...View Details

This week James and Chris go back to a classic conversation, ghosts! Are ghosts real? James shares his ghost stories and we discuss the psychological ...View Details

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