This week we have a special guest asking us questions he collected from the Game Of Thrones Community. Special guest and long time supporter Mizuma jo...View Details

This week we talk the conspiracy of Hellen Keller being a fraud. Was she really just a puppet of her teacher Anne Sullivan and her political views or ...View Details

Welcome to our Game Of Thrones Season 8 episode 5 "The Bells" Rewrite! This is the 5th episode in our series to fix Game of Thrones Season 8. This...View Details

This week we talk weird facts and mind f*cks and overall just have a fun conversation. Some are science based while others are more philosophical, her...View Details

This week we just sit down and talk. We cover a gambit of topics from YouTube, MrBeast, E-girls, Onlyfans, fatherhood and what a midlife crisis may be...View Details

This week we are joined by a special guest Doc Holiday, a long-time supporter and executive producer of the SmokeScreen channel. This week we talk abo...View Details

Story Time! This week we do something a bit different and read some insane Facebook posts. We know a person who posts the most outlandish things and t...View Details

This week we cover the phenomenon of fake news. Its a real issue for everyone regardless of how you vote. We watched the Hoaxed documentary as well as...View Details

This week we have a little fun and talk about how to speak with a Southern accent y’all! We like to make fun of ourselves but it is genuinely interest...View Details

This week we talk about something a bit different than our usual history and mystery podcast. We talk the current state of affairs and so-called cance...View Details

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